Thursday, 15 November 2018

reading test

Today I did a reading test. For this reading test there were lots of different texts (storys), I had to read a text and then answer different questions. We had about 45 minutes to do the test. I found some of the questions quite hard but also found some of the others hard. I took a while for me to do the test but I still found it fun. I think I did well on my reading test. If anyone has done a reading test recently please comment and say if you enjoyed it or not.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Prime numbers

For the past few days a have been learning what prime numbers are. To figure out what prime numbers are, you need a piece of paper that has numbers up to 100. To start off you need to cross a 1 then you cross out any multiples of 2, after that you cross out any multiple of 3, then since 4 was crossed out you can´t do multiples of 4 so you have to do multiples of 5. Then it keeps going like that. I found this quite easy because I have done lots of timetables. Here is a picture of the slide that I did the prime numbers on. What are you doing in Maths?

Novel study

For a few weeks my class have been doing a novel study. As one of the activities, I made a poster about antonyms. To make this stand out I coloured the corners and also used black for dark and yellow for light.  An antonym is a word with the opposite meaning of another word, for example, ´dark´ is the antonym of ´light.´ I liked making this poster partly because I like colouring and drawing. Have you ever made a poster about antonyms? Below is the poster that I made:

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


On friday the 2nd my class Rimu went sailing. I also wrote a recount about it which is below.

On friday I had one of the most fun days of my life.
On friday Rimu class went sailing at Lake Rua.
After we had gone on the bus and we turned up at lake Rua I saw lots of boats and over to the right had been sailes.
Before we started sailing one of the helpers had talked us through how to build up the boat. They had taught us how to put the sail in the boat and how to put the sail up. Then he had taught us how to tie the rope into a hard not so the rope wouldnt go out of the hook. After the helper had taught us how to build up the boat we had had to pick a partner to build up the boat with, I had chosen Zack as my partner. It was fun building up the boat partly because we had to think of how to do some of it ourselves, we had to do this because there had been so much to remember and it was so hard to remember it all. After we had built the boats we got to have a snack while the helpers had been taking the boats to the other side of the lake. After we had had a snack we had had to walk to the otherside of the lake and go towards the boats. The first turns had been pretty easy because it hadn been that windy. On my second turn another boy called Jonathon had bumped into my boat and my boat had nearly capsized. After we had had about 2 turns each we had to walk back to the otherside of the lake to have some lunch.

Next after lunch we had gone to the otherside of the lake again to have more goes at sailing. That time the helpers had let four boats go at once. I knew it was going to be much harder that time because the wind was much more powerful than earlier. When I went my boat nearly capsized again. After I had gone about three times I watched one of my friends go, and just as he had been going well his boat had capsized. One of the helpers had had to go on their lifeguard boat and get him. After him there had been another boy thats boat had capsized, But when the helper came to get him in the lifeguard boat the motor from the boat had gone to close to his leg and he had gotten lots of scratches. He had had to go home.

After I had had about 12 turns we had had to go back onto the bus and go back to school.
Zack and I  had both said we had a great time !!!

Thursday, 1 November 2018


A while ago I did a recount about athletics day. It was a bit tricky to put it all in past tense. But it was still fun writing about athletics. My goal for next time is to use more descriptive words and use similies and metaphors.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Blog commenting

Last week we started commenting on a school that we had never commented on before, the school is called Kawakawa, It is a small school right at the top of the North Island. The people in the class that we are commenting on have never done Tuhi Mai tuhi atu so we need to help them a bit when they comment. Because there aren't many people in their class and there are lots in our class each week we comment on two classes, so half the class comment on Te mahuri, which is a class at our school, and the other half of the class comment on Kawakawa. We do this so that Kawakawa don't get too many comments at once

I think it is good that we are commenting on a school we haven't commented before, because otherwise we are just commenting on the same school's lots.

This is Kawakawa school

Friday, 19 October 2018

Wearable arts

For two weeks of the last term and one week of this term my class have been doing wearable arts. At the moment we are still planning but next week we start making the costumes. Our groups had to choose a theme and we chose to do the future as our theme. It is really fun at the moment and I think it will be even more fun when we start making the costume.

We are doing a wearable art show at our school so that will be fun