Thursday, 5 July 2018


In my class for maths, we have been doing geometry for the last month and I learnt what a quadrilateral shape was. It is a shape with four sides or edges. So it is like a square or rectangle

Here is an example of a quadrilateral shape

My newspaper story

my poetry anthology

Friday, 29 June 2018

My news report

FIFA world cup bringing unexpected results. Mexico beat Germany 1-0. Attacking on a counter Mexico score a goal and make it the only goal in the match. But Germany makes a comeback when they beat Sweden 2-1 after Toni Kroos’s astonishing free kick goal. Ten seconds until full-time Toni Kroos scored an amazing free kick. The crowd's jaws dropped when they saw this and many Sweden fans were in tears. Toni Kroos will have already been spotted in famous teams as he plays for worlds best international team Germany and one of the worlds best clubs Real Madrid. But Germany will be out of the world cup if South Korea beat them. Lots of soccer fans are saying that they don’t think that they will see Germany holding the world cup this year.”This world cup is upside down” said Diego Maradona. After Germany losing, Brazil tying, Argentina losing and Spain and Portugal tying Maradona may be right that it is upside down.

For this post, I would like to get feedback from people on what to improve on.

Things I was supposed to do

Third person

Interesting words

Exciting title

Full stops and commas

make it sound like a proper news report

Friday, 22 June 2018


This week my math group have been doing weights, measurements and angles.We all made a copy of the normal slide so that we all had a google slides thing to ourselves.On each slide there was about three or four questions and on each slide there was a different topic of maths to awnser.For the measurement we had to show how many numbers there were on each line between the numbers that showed.For the weight we would have to figure out what object was the best to use for weighting another object.For angles we had to name what angle was which.

Friday, 15 June 2018

In my class this weeks Genre is to write a newspaper report.For this activity above I had to write a balanced report and a bias report.A balanced report is when the report doesn't take sides and conciders both points of view.Then a Bias report is when the report takes sides and doesn't give a fair representation of both sides of an argument.Thanks for reading