Friday, 5 April 2019

way you don´t want to be like Julian

Today in class we were thinking of ways you do not want to be like Julian, who is a person from wonder who is a bully. So I decided to make a google drawing of ways you don´t want to be like Julian.

Science inquiry

Hi bloggers. A while ago you might remember I posted about Science Inquiry. But I said that we hadn't done much yet so I couldn´t show you, but we have been doing it for a while now so I  to show you guys one of my subquestions. Please tell me if you like or it or if there is anything I should improve on! Here it is!!

Question: Does blood pump from your heart or does it just go around your body

Everybody's heart is made up of two pumps. The pump on the right side receives blood that has already transported oxygen around the whole body and sends blood the blood to the lungs.  The pump on the left side pumps oxygen rich blood into the arteries of tissues and organs. So blood obviously does pump from your heart because your heart is the main part of your circulatory system. Therefore it is the heart that causes the blood to be moved around the body.

I hope you guys liked the sub-question, please give feedback!

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Home learning week 10

Hi bloggers, this week for home learning I chose to do the activity: If you wake up one morning and everything was black and white what colour would you miss the most. I also got my sister to choose one she would miss. I though that the colour I would miss the most is probably blue, because the sky is blue and the sky is beautiful, but it was a close decision between green and blue because green is my favourite colour and the grass and most nature is green. My sister also chose the same thing as me (blue) and she also did that partly because the sky is blue.

Please comment below what colour you would miss the most and why?
Keep doing awesome blogging guys.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Science inquiry

Hi bloggers, today I want to tell you about my class starting their science inquiries. Last year we did an inquiry about waste not want not, so this time we decided to do a science inquiry. At the moment I am really enjoying Inquiry. Sorry I can´t show you any of it because I haven´t done that much yet. But if you ever do an inquiry I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Home learning week 9. Death cure.

One of the activities for home learning was to write about a story you have just finished reading. So I chose to do death cure because I love this book.

Friday, 15 March 2019

P.A.L training at lincoln events centre

Hi bloggers, today I am going to be telling you about the awesome time I had at Lincoln events center. So P.A.L is a group of people who try get lots of people involved and having a good time by playing fun games. But obviously we needed training because we couldn't just play basketball, football and other things, because the people in charge of Canterbury sports wanted us to do other games or even make up our own games. When we got to the place there were about 5 other schools all in different areas. We were put in different colour groups, Yaldhurst (us) and another school called Mother of victory's were team green so we would be doing all the activities together. The first thing we did was adapting a game. We got a sheet with an example on it and then we adapted the game into a more fun ,competitive game. That was really fun but also a bit hard. Next we moved onto designing a game. This was really hard because it had to be something that wasn't going to get anyone hurt, and to be honest me and my friends aren't very good at that. We ended up making a game like cricket that was pretty confusing. After that we moved onto creating a PALs vision and programme. For this we had to get out or books and write what our vision is for PAL, so we thought about what we wanted to happen and how we wanted to get everyone involved. When it was time to leave I had thought about how much of a great time I had,  so if you get the chance to be in PAL try it out.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Free writing

Recently I have been doing some free writing with my friend so I thought I could show you guys some of it.

When he got there he saw mr italian with a brand new porch F1 waiting for him. Jack was surprised and feeling nervous .”So…” said mr italian “heard you are racing in the super cup well I’m going to win it”, and without a word he was gone.Jack felt furious because he was an idol and was going go any lengths to sabotage Jack’s chances.When Jack laid got home he grabbed a can of coke out of the fridge and went to his bedroom .Straight away he fell on his bed he got out his phone and started to find someone that would help him out with some practice .

So it was James hunt. The next day he got to the racing track and got some practice with James hunt then he started to school James by telling him what he could of done then the owner of the f-nex track got man and told him to go ...

This is one of the pages my friend write. We have only been doing this for three days and we already have 5 pages