Friday, 11 May 2018

  The Electroshoe 350

At yaldhurst in rimu 46 kids were asked to test this shoe for 3 weeks it is called the electroshoe 350.
The results were 75% thought they were great the other 15% didn’t really like them.If this shoe were
to be bought at a store it would cost 260$

This shoe is made of leather on the back and front of the shoe,gold on the sides of the shoe,
rubber on the soul and inner soul,silk on the inside.It also has electricity running through it.
This helps to give people a boost in athletics and sports.

                                                    Creator of the shoe  
The creator of this shoe is Zack Taylor and the company shoes and electricity helped him create
it in 2008 and came out in 2009 that year the company was having a great year moneywise aswell
as Zack Taylor

                             Why was this shoe designed
                      This shoe was designed for sports mainly long jump high jump and
cross country.These shoes are pretty much a cheat.But most people do not
think of them that way since they mostly want to.These designs were made in the 1950s and zack taylor
then found them and claimed that he created them.The first person to buy these shoes was
rich kid douglas henry who was one of the most selfish and bratty kids on the planet.
This shoe also comes with a electric cord to charge it when flat.

This shoe is made for athletics and sports.Nearly anyone who wears this shoe will become one of the
most sporty in their class.Also this shoe has sprigs that come out of it for sports like rugby and football
and also there is a button to press to make it the same style as a basketball shoe.

In my class over the last two weeks we have been learning how to write a Non Chronological report.
Mine is about a shoe.I have learnt that Non Chronological reports are very different to story and are
usually based on a animal or place.

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