Friday, 25 May 2018

The honest truth

My eyes were burning as I had been staring at my shoes thinking if I should’ve stayed at home I thought for a moment why could’nt I just be a normal kid.I had been in that train for what felt like a week but had only been three hours.I had thought what would have happened if I had made it to the top of the mountain and then that was it the end of my life…

Beauw had his head sat on my legs at the time.I had picked him up and put him in the empty seat next then that word had started spinning around in my head EMPTY that seat should’ve been filled with my Dad I thought.Even though people thought jessie was my best friend my best friend was actually my Dad and sometimes it felt like it was just me and him sometimes it felt like he was my only friend.

My Mum had a very important job at the time so it was usually me him and bow.I loved my Mum of course but I just didn’t see her much.I had been sick since I was seven and now I’m eleven and I’m still sick.

I had only been on a trip once and that was to Australia and there I nearly got bitten by a venimos snake.As soon as I had put my head on my pillow the train stopped and my head had banged on the back of the chair infront of me Oww.

Hi i am Thom and this is my long write.I did this because we were reading a book in our class and then we had to do a long write about what we thought was going to happen next.I found this challenging because we had to make it like a recount but we also had to put it in first person which is words like I, me, myself and other words that mean yourself.My class got this book because it was book week and when it's book week we get a new book everyday and then the teacher reads the start of it so everyone gets a taste of what it's like and then it goes into our class library and someone can get it out for silent reading in our class.Thanks for reading.

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